Online MBA vs. Masters in Engineering

Students who display adept skills in construction and mechanical operations may wonder if their business major will reward them with a personally rewarding career. The online MBA might seem like the natural progression, but an engineer’s skill might be calling them. It is very difficult to discern a vocation. However, could engineering be the next step for a student interested in mechanical operations?

What Is an Engineer’s Role and How Does This Differ To an Online MBA?

An engineer by definition is a person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines. The precision requirements of being an engineer are second to none. After all, the slightest mishap on a blueprint or design diagram could spell disaster for a new piece of machinery. For this reason, it is important for students who are interested in engineering to be able to deal with high levels of stress and pressure. It is not a field that will take kindly to those who are apathetic to the finer details!

A business administrator by comparison is someone who is concerned with the viability of a business and its profits. This is certainly a different world to engineering and it boasts many critical differences. For example, there is a lot of room to be more creative and innovative through business administration. While the same could be said for engineering, there is a strong requirement of students to deploy pinpoint accuracy when presenting new mechanical ideas and concepts. Intuitive thought processes don’t play a role when it comes to engineering given the strong logical nature of the position. Engineering can quickly become overwhelming to those who wish to have freedom in their daily tasks. However, that is not to say that all engineering is simple “”A to B”” objectives per se. There is some room for creativity, but it is likely that the student will not be able to excessively implement his creative side when dealing with mechanical operations.

Should I Go for the Online MBA or a Masters in Engineering Degree?

Students who wish to be more involved with the general public and participate in a more varied career may lean more towards acquiring an online MBA. There is a strong social preference for those who find themselves interested in business administration. This is because the role requires frequent human contact and this will become a daily routine for the administrator. An engineer could find himself in a more isolated position whereby he is on his own for considerable lengths and will not have large teams to access for ideas and assistance. He is also likely to be more involved in quieter work as it requires high levels of concentration at all times. It really depends on what the student wants out of his career!

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