Online MBA vs. Masters in Finance

Students with a strong command on finance often wonder if a financial degree is worthwhile for their academic progression. Strong roots in accountancy or finance might likely lead to a finance degree, but is it wise to choose it over the MBA? There are many ways of answering this question. However, the following are critical points to consider before further academic progression can be made in the field of finance.

An Overview of Masters in Finance When Compared to an Online MBA

The differences between an online MBA and a degree in finance are extreme. At first glance, it might seem as if they’re in two completely different worlds, so it is important to understand the core principals behind their respective schools of thought.

Finance primarily deals with pricing, assets, and econometrics. It is a rigid profession with very little room for implementing creative thought or change. For this reason, financial students are often very methodical in their approach to studies and work related affairs. This can be very appealing to some who prefer a repetitive working environment, but to others the idea can be very tiresome and boring.

The Master’s in Business Administration by comparison is very different. Unlike finance, there is a lot of room for creative thought and several areas to input ideas. The overall concern of a business administrator is for a business’ viability and growth, which are developed through core components such as business strategy, marketing, and organizational behavior. This is very different to a financial professional who is most concerned with observing pricing trends and ensuring optimum cash flow.

Online MBA or Masters in Finance Degree: Which One Is Better For Me?

Understanding the core differences between the two degrees is key to selecting a topic to major in. However, there is also a sense of appropriateness for one’s personality in business. A finance major would likely prefer quieter working environments with little human contact as teams are smaller and report to fewer individuals. The exact opposite could be said for a business administrator who is likely to prefer human contact and be involved with larger teams. Social comfort could be a key deciding factor for some students. If they are more comfortable in isolated areas, then finance could be more appropriate for their comfort levels.

Regardless of what major has been selected, there is a growing demand for both financial and business professionals in the working world. It is likely that successful students will progress into important roles within a corporate setting using their online degree and be able to grow both personally and professionally throughout their careers.

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