Online MBA vs. Masters in Marketing

Those with social inclinations are usually at a loss when it comes to selecting a Master’s degree major. The world of marketing and business administration are appealing to those who enjoy social environments, but how can a student decide what is best? There are a lot of deciding factors. These can range from a student’s preferences towards creative thought and innovation, which are both strongly applicable in a marketing setting over an administrative setting. However, that is not to say that creativity and innovation is exclusive to an online MBA.

A Brief Look at Masters in Marketing When Compared to the Online MBA

Both marketing and business administration share a few of the same qualities that an ideal candidate in either field would possess. Both are open to subjective thought and different ideas that can play crucial roles in a business’ success. However, marketing is strongly focused on where a business ought to be positioned in the marketplace whereas business administration executes the necessities of ensuring the business’ viability in said position. This means that marketers are often driving forces in a business’ initial thrust to penetrate a new market or become more established in a consistent market. For this reason, successful marketing students would be able to think very much “outside the box” per se. They are likely to be very independent thinkers, but would also possess the ability to work comfortably in a team setting. These qualities are also shared in a business administration professional, but to a lesser extent as administration can be strongly geared towards teamwork.

Should I Go for the Online MBA or a Masters in Marketing Degree?

It is difficult to truly answer this question without thorough introspection. There is a strong importance placed on both positions in terms of their success rate and minimal allowances for failure, so both marketers and business administrators should be individuals who are equipped to deal with stressful situations. Both jobs can be tough! However, selecting a major can be even more difficult when the two fields are so closely entwined with one another.

A successful marketer could be described as someone who utilizes strong intuitive thought processes in order to arrive at conclusions. The opposite could be said for business administrators who rely more consistently on concrete and logical thought processes due to the less variable nature of the job. However, both personalities can overlap one another in both fields, so prospective students needn’t feel worried about being cold and rational thinkers who wish to enter the marketing field!

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