Online MBA vs. Online Certificate Programs in Business

Online study is rapidly evolving as one of the more convenient options when it comes to learning. It prevents the need to cease work in order to attend classroom lessons, which can be seen as very beneficial to professional business minded students who are already involved in a corporate setting. Online study can also further one’s career. Many options are opened when a student acquires an online MBA, but is a full degree necessary when there are several certificate programs available online?

The Online MBA

The Master of Business Administration degree has a long standing history in the educational world. It has become the benchmark standard for students who wish to be involved in more prolific careers and attain higher status within the business world. It is said that unique career opportunities are “unlocked” by acquiring a MBA degree. Consultancy involves counseling new or struggling businesses to better themselves and thus requires a higher educational standard. The Bachelor’s degree often won’t cut it in today’s high-demand environment!

Are Certificates Better Than an Online MBA?

Certificate courses are delivered on a more intensive basis in order to educate the student more quickly in comparison to a full degree. While they certainly have merit and look great on any resume, they are not fully comparable to acquiring a full degree. Certificates should be seen as a direct means to an end. For example, if an employer requests that an employee become more well-versed on a certain topic, then an online certificate could be just what the employee needs to satisfy an employer’s demands. However, they are not as fully comprehensive and do not cover as wide of a range of topics when compared to studying towards a full MBA degree.

Is an Online MBA Worth It?

There is certainly nothing wrong with bettering one’s self through further education. However, an online MBA requires much dedication on behalf of the student and shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix or an easy boost to a candidate’s resume. Certificates could satisfy new employment trends or business standards that have lapsed through an extended duration past one’s academic study. There is also a substantial cost difference. An online MBA requires a much higher investment in acquisition due to the several credits that are needed to successfully complete it. This investment may not see any financial reward in return when perhaps only one component was required to satisfy an employer’s demands. It is up to the student to discern what is the best available option to him and the best way to approach the option.

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