Online MBA vs. Online Executive MBA Programs

Students often wonder what the difference between a MBA and an Executive MBA is. The two seemingly interchangeable terms are often said loosely, but there are considerable differences between the two programs. They both lead to a Masters in Business Administration. However, the two programs impose different admission requirements on the student.

What Is an Executive MBA and How is it Different to an Online MBA?

The Executive Masters in Business Administration, often referred to as EMBA, is a degree that is tailored specifically to working professionals. This means that the student will not have to give up an executive position in order to continue his education. The student must hold considerable professional experience to be eligible for EMBA admission, but many admission boards do not hold prejudices against the sector that the student is employed in. This means that the student can be employed in a public, private, or non-profit organization and still be eligible for EMBA admission.

The online MBA and EMBA are identical in terms of their components, but the latter respects the unique and often complex work situations that students face. This means that there could potentially be more allowances for deadline extensions and other academic grievances brought on through involvement in a professional corporate setting. They are typically both delivered through distance or online study options and do not require campus attendance. However, studying towards a MBA may require a professional internship that the EMBA waives due to the professional working circumstances that the student is already involved in. In place of this, EMBA students may be eligible to study towards additional credits or acquire an accelerated minor degree during the time MBA students may participate in their internship.

Should I Study Towards an Online MBA or Get an Executive MBA?

Students who have many years of professional experience may be eligible for the EMBA, but must first contact the prospective University’s student services in order to properly assess their eligibility in terms of the school’s criteria. Different schools could impose different eligibility requirements, so those interested in the EMBA course must first determine if they are eligible to study towards the degree.

There is no component difference in terms of gaining a MBA or an EMBA, so students should not be wary of acquiring either qualification in terms of their academic or professional level. However, students who have extended work commitments at a high level may find the EMBA to be more concerned with their working demands and may receive additional concessions based on it. They certainly help when it comes to meeting academic deadlines and demands!


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  1. Katie says:

    Both are very good choices, I think it depends more on your personal experience and schedule. Find a school that is reputable for both programs as they do have similarities. The executive MBA programs at Thunderbird would be my recommendation.

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