Online Reference Tools for Online MBA Students

Students may find themselves needing to supplement their study guides and online information during programs of study. The same can be said of campus based students, but these students are able to visit their local campus library to gain further reading material and references. This can present a problem for students in an online program. Online students may not have library benefits or be able to access their own local libraries, so may be restricted into using online reference material. Fortunately, students will find that online reference tools do exist and are generally easy to use!

Wikipedia and an Online MBA Program

Wikipedia is widely hailed as an excellent free to use resource for information. It is publicly maintained to ensure data integrity and keen watchdogs keep tabs on who edits content and what adjustments are made. This is done to help weed out those who abuse the service or make adjustments that are untrue or aren’t founded with fact. Users may also flag information as inaccurate, which allows users to vote on what piece of information is most valid related to an article.

Students in an online MBA program will find that Wikipedia hosts several pages of information related to their program. Wikipedia offers articles on marketing, human resources, sales, finance, management, and other pages of information related to core components. Students may use these to supplement their learning and gain further insight into specific topics.

However, there is also a growing criticism that surrounds Wikipedia. Because it is publicly edited by general users, students may find that the information they access at a specific time is invalid or has been tampered with. This can make it all too easy to read false information. For this reason, students should always cross reference their sources with textbooks and be prepared to challenge the information they read on Wikipedia.

Britannica and an Online MBA Program

For students who are concerned about the validity of the information they read on line, then Encyclopedia Britannica can offer an ideal solution. It operates with similar functions to Wikipedia, but is backed by a world renowned encyclopedia publisher that is known for its accurate information and general usefulness. Unfortunately, students must be prepared to pay an access fee in order to read articles posted on Britannica’s website. These fees can vary, so it is important for students to compare and contrast the various plans on offer in order to come to a sound judgment regarding if Britannica is an ideal solution for them.

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