OpenCourseWare (OCW): A Free Online MBA?

Many students are looking to save money on their online MBA programs. The concept of OpenCourseWare (OCW) has risen in popularity and is hailed as an alternative to an online MBA. However, is it a full degree and just exactly how is it used?

OpenCourseWare is Not an Online MBA Degree

OpenCourseWare should not be regarded as an online degree or even an award in itself. The application was first launched to give prospective students an insight into the world of online learning. OCW provides the general public with retired syllabus sheets, lecture notes, reading lists, and other associated material with an online MBA program. However, there are no instructors or assignments to be completed with OCW. Students are simply allowed to get a glimpse into what it’s like to be an online student and are then able to form more sound decisions regarding if it’s a right choice for them.

OpenCourseWare is Free of Charge in an Online MBA Program

OpenCourseWare is often used as a marketing tool to entice students. By giving students further insight into what it’s like to be an online student, they are able to better picture themselves as online students and can gauge their own success based on an OCW experience. It is a viable way to market online education as a new platform for students to explore over traditional campus study.

OpenCourseWare Benefits Graduates of an Online MBA Program

OpenCourseWare is also very useful for students to market themselves as online MBA graduates. This is because many employers are quick to denounce online education and often prefer campus-based students over online ones. Students may then quickly respond with OCW material in order to provide employers with reassurance that an online education is indeed equivalent to campus study, which can further be supported with OCW references and information. Employers can be quick to change their tune when they’re able to immerse themselves in an online learning environment!

OpenCourseWare also benefits graduates by providing them with a permanent reference source. Previous notes and material can be looked back on in the event that a student needs a quick refresher on a certain topic. OCW provides an ideal platform for this as relevant material to a course can be provided to the general public, which former students may then access without being registered alumni or current students at a college. This can make it very easy to quickly revise a forgotten topic!

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