Military GI Bill Benefits for Online MBA Students

The Montgomery GI Bill was established at the end of World War II in aims of helping servicemen get back to typical civilian life upon returning home from active duty. It is still in current existence, but it has modified itself to suit current economic climates as the years have passed. One of the main benefits it provides is for a serviceman’s education. How to Determine Online MBA Benefits... [Read more...]

The Lifetime Learning Credit for Online MBA Students

Tax season is a never ending chore for many of us. With due dates at set intervals at every year in the United States, it is important for students to be on top of their federal tax returns into to maximize their deductions. Students are often unaware of what is available to them in terms of credit deductions for studying. Their lifetime of learning may go unnoticed and it’s possible that students... [Read more...]

The Disadvantages of Private Loans for Online MBA Students

When it comes to education financing in the United States, students often opt for federally-backed funding. This is because it is usually offered at a lower interest rate and has more flexible repayment plans to suit a student’s circumstances. However, if a student does not qualify for funding, then a private loan could be seen as a lucrative option for financing, but it does not come without... [Read more...]

Federal Stafford Loan for Online MBA Students

The Federal Stafford Loan is one of the many options that students have when it comes to financing their education through federal funding. It is a popular option with many students and is often the first option for many average situations in typical studying circumstances. However, is the Federal Stafford Loan applicable for online education and can it be used for an online MBA program? What is the... [Read more...]

Federal Loans for Online MBA Students

In the United States, students are provided loans under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. This act provides federal funds that are disbursed directly to the school, which can be credited against tuition costs and living expenses while studying. However, online study presents a problem for online students. Since they do not typically reside on campus, there may be some classification issues surrounding... [Read more...]

Student Loans for Online MBA Students

A student loan is often the first step in gaining financing for post-secondary education. These are particularly appealing options for students who do not have merits for scholarship or grant options. Student loans come in a variety of options, such as high-interest options from banks that are bundled in with other “student” options. However, there is an easier way for American students to secure... [Read more...]

FAFSA Federal Student Aid for Online MBA Students

The rising costs of education in the United States have led to a strong surge in scholarship and grant usage by students. With skyrocketing tuition and living expenses, it is easy to see why students are taking advantage of cash sources that were otherwise mysterious and difficult to grasp in previous years. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a public application that students can utilize... [Read more...]

How to Get Your Employer to Sponsor Your Online MBA

Education is a costly investment. It requires personal dedication and costs that are borne on behalf of the student. However, some students may find that their employers will sponsor their online MBA programs and provide partial or full funding to cover the costs! This is not an easy feat to accomplish, but it can ease the burden that graduate studies can put on students. Discuss Online MBA Funding... [Read more...]

5 Steps to Apply for an Online MBA Scholarship or Grant

Online MBA applications for scholarships and grants typically follow the same process as traditional campus-based scholarships and grants. However, it is important to note that students may not be eligible for all of the available options for scholarship funding. This is because online study is usually regarded as “part time” studying, which is not in line with most scholarships requiring the student... [Read more...]

How to Pay for Your Online MBA Program

Students who are interested in bettering themselves academically can do so by completing their Master’s degree. While a Bachelor’s degree in business administration is often a reputable and respected award, it often does not lead to employment in a variety of settings. Consultancy is a sought after position, but often cannot be attained through a Bachelor’s degree alone. This is when... [Read more...]

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