Quantitative Methods: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students who find themselves proficient in market research are able to display such knowledge in their elective selections. While market research in itself can be seen as an elective, there are also opportunities to diversify marketing knowledge. This can be done through such electives as quantitative methods. Quantitative methods have a deep rooted place in marketing terminology, so students who wish to be employed in a marketing area would likely find it appropriate to select this as an elective course. However, what does it hold for prospective students and what can students hope to achieve from completing the program?

What are Quantitative Methods in an Online MBA Program?

By definition, quantitative methods are research techniques that are deployed to harvest quantitative data. This information primarily deals with inflexible, objective facts and figures, which would result in data that is outwardly measurable. This data can come in many forms, but business professionals often use graphics, tables, and statistics to show their measurements of quantitative methods.

It should be noted that quantitative methods are not qualitative methods. Qualitative methods by contrast are techniques that harvest flexible and subjective figures. This means that qualitative methods are not necessarily rigid and are usually open for interpretation by those who examine the harvested data. If a market researcher was harvesting how consumers felt about the certain taste of a chocolate bar, then this would fall into qualitative methods. A quantitative method would be the opposite of this and would research how many chocolate bars were consumed per day or what gender would be more likely to consume a certain brand of chocolate bar.

Both methods have their respective pros and cons, but quantitative methods are generally regarded as most appropriate for a market research setting. This is because the cost to time scale is most likely to reap a profitable reward when using quantitative methods with immediately usable consumer information.

Is Quantitative Methods an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

Quantitative methods is mostly revision work of previously acquired knowledge in marketing components. However, data presentation and graphing techniques are widely discussed topics in a quantitative method program. Student will therefore be able to compile statistics in a visual form with pinpoint accuracy upon completion.

The component is regarded as an easier selection since most of the work is revision from previously completed programs, but it should not be regarded as simple. Students must commit themselves fully to the course of study if they are to succeed!

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