Regional Accreditation vs. National Accreditation

Should my online MBA be regionally accredited or nationally accredited? Students who are in the process of enrolling in a program of study often wonder about the differences in educational accreditation. Receiving an accredited education is of the utmost importance. This is because an accredited education leads to more favorable employment opportunities and better academic prospects. However, institutions in the United States are governed by two accreditation standards. These are known as regional accreditation and the national accreditation. While the two standards both sound respectable on the surface, what is the accreditation standard that students should trust the most when enrolling in an online MBA degree?

What’s the Difference Between Regional and National Accreditation for my Online MBA Degree?

What many students fail to comprehend is that the two terms are reversed in their intended definition. This means that regional accreditation governs areas within the United States as a whole while national accreditation only applies to smaller catchments areas across the country. With this is mind, it is important to note that both accreditation standards offer respectable standards of quality, but what is the standard that students ought to opt for when studying towards an online MBA degree?

The answer to this question can be found in the fundamental differences between the two accreditation standards. Regional accreditation applies itself to academic and not-for-profit education whereas national accreditation applies itself to vocational training delivered in for-profit institutions. For this reason, regional accreditation can be seen as the standard that offers a higher quality experience to students. This is because the accreditation standard closely monitors the academic experience, which is not necessarily present in national accreditation. As national accreditation is applied to programs within for-profit institutions, it can be seen as having lesser significance to students as the institution itself is primarily concerned with making a viable profit in order to be financially successful. This isn’t the situation with not-for-profit academic institutions!

So, is National Accreditation a Poor Choice for my Online MBA Degree?

While national accreditation comes equipped with reduced significance in the academic world, it is not to say that it is entirely worthless to study within a nationally accredited program. Many nationally accredited programs are delivered through local community campuses, which have a direct benefit of being able to openly converse with local employers. This open line of communication can allow for-profit institutions to directly tailor a course that is made for employment within a certain business, so students can be given assurance that their education appeals to certain positions within certain businesses. This could be seen as appealing when a student wishes to become a candidate for employment within a certain company. However, students who wish to acquire broader employment prospects should always remain with a regionally accreditation program.

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