Required Core Classes in Most Online MBA Programs

All students who wish to pursue an online MBA must sit a set curriculum of required classes, which are known as core components. These core components create the foundation that the MBA is built on, then students may diversify their employment opportunities through elective components. However, before this can be done, students must first satisfy the University’s requirement of success in core components.

Core components are divisible according to their specific area of study. There are five main areas of study in an online MBA program, which include mathematics, marketing, organizational behavior, management, and strategy.

Mathematics and an Online MBA Program

Adept skills in mathematics is a crucial part of success in a business administration field and are therefore required in several core components in a MBA program. Much of what the student will focus on in the mathematics subject is related to applied accountancy from a business perspective. Components in this field include probability and statistics, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and corporate finance.

Marketing and an Online MBA Program

Marketing is another critical component for future business administrators. However, unlike a traditional marketing course that is aimed towards sales professionals, marketing for business administrators is tailored towards strategy and current economic climates. Components in this field include marketing strategy and marketing implementation; the creation and execution of a marketing plan.

Organizational Behavior and an Online MBA Program

Organizational studies concerns employees and how individuals respond within an organization. This is obviously quite an important area for business administrators to understand, but the category itself envelopes several areas outside of its influence, which could include components such as negotiations and business ethics. Other necessary components in this category include organizational structure, leadership, and organizational behavior as a component itself.

Management and an Online MBA Program

Management and organizational behavior are often seen as overlapping one another, but there is a fundamental difference between the two schools of thought. Organizational behavior often concerns itself from an employee’s perspective whereas management concerns itself from an employer’s perspective. Understanding management principals rewards the business administrator with a more well-rounded mind with components that include operations management, project management, and media management.

Strategy and an Online MBA Program

Strategy is often a lesser thought of component of business administration, but is quite critical in its need as strategic thought often leads to successes or failures in the business world. Strategy applies itself to several different areas in business, which can include corporate strategy, financial strategy, and marketing strategy.

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