Sales Force Management: An Elective Online MBA Course

Sales force management is an underlying concept of customer relationship management. This appeals directly to students who find themselves interested in a customer facing role upon graduation while still remaining a leader in their position, such as leading a sales team towards meeting targets and goals. Sales force management can be a useful tool for managers in a sales driven business, but what other opportunity does it afford students who are interested in the content?

What is Sales Force Management in an Online MBA Program?

To understand sales force management is to initially understand its place in customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is a business level strategy for a business’ interaction with current and prospective customers. Customer relationship management utilizes modern is technology to synchronize business processes with overall goals and objectives, which are often primarily to attract new customers while retaining those who are already loyal to a business. Customer relationship management also aims to entice former customers who have stopped dealing with a business back into doing so.

Sales force management itself falls into the category of sales force automation. Sales force automation uses software to automate each phase of the sales process, which looks at minimizing the time sales representatives need to spend within each phase of a sale process. At the core of this, sales force management allows sales representatives to pursue a greater amount of clients in a short amount of time due to the less invasive administrative hassle that typical sale settings are known for. This software also allows sales managers to view how representatives are doing on the floor with real time sales forecasts and further insight into performance. This view can allow sales managers to adjust targets or offer additional training to specific representatives if required.

Sales force management also aims to teach students basic leadership skills that are applicable in a sales environment. Motivation is a key factor in this area, which is partly due to the necessity of sales to ensure optimum cash flow for a business.

Is Sales Force Management an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

Sales force management could be described as moderate in terms of its difficulty level. Much of what the student will learn is based on revision from sale and project management core components, but the specialized focus on a sales environment can present its own unique challenges and content. Students should therefore be prepared to immerse themselves in the learning environment from early stages!

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