Services Marketing: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students with a vested interest in marketing as a whole can display such a drive in their elective selection. Fortunately, there is a significant amount of electives to choose from with a specific focus on marketing. Services marketing is one of those selections. While the component draws heavily on general marketing principals that were acquired in core stages, it aims to introduce concepts that are specific to the services industry. However, what can students expect to learn from the services marketing elective and is it an easier option to pass?

What is the Services Marketing Online MBA Component?

It is important to note that marketing services does not stem from the same principles as marketing a product. This is because services and products are inherently different. While products are tangible and may hold some physical matter, services are often the opposite in being intangible and not present to the naked eye. We may be able to see what a service can do for us, such as being able to access the Internet through our Internet service provider’s modem or router, but we often cannot see the service itself. It is for these reasons that service marketing carries different requirements over product marketing.

Students will come to find that services marketing is heavily depends on the fourth “P” of the marketing mix, which is promotion. Services are often highly competitive by nature. We might be familiar with rival cell phone companies who engage in price wars with one another in aims of luring new customers, but the physical evidence of such a service doesn’t often affect us. Marketers who are focusing on services will therefore be heavily engaged in promotional tactics and various advertising techniques for services.

Students will also find the fifth “P” in the marketing mix to be useful, which is “people”. Identifying the key target market is essential to a service’s overall success. Students will therefore become well-versed in strategies to identify and target select demographics to enhance a service’s presence in the marketplace.

Is Services Marketing an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

Services marketing is often a simple carry-on from the fundamental marketing principals with a few honed units of study. However, this doesn’t mean that students will be in for an easy ride when they choose it as an elective. Services marketing can be a challenge, so it is up to the student to fully immerse himself in the course content in order to complete it!

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