Should I Tell Potential Employers I Earned My MBA Online?

Online education carries many schools of thought with it. Some candidates may feel it’s important to hide their online status; whereas others feel it is a blessing in disguise that can be used for personal reward during an interview! However, is it best to reveal that an online MBA was acquired online?

Some Students Say No to Revealing an Online MBA Award

The world of online education is a rapidly evolving one and is still fairly new in terms of its professional presence. There are still many employers who do not acknowledge the worth of an online award and will immediately dismiss them as useless. There are many reasons for why this might be, but a leading reason can be attributed to an employer’s own ignorance. Employers may not feel the need to educate themselves on the topic of online education as there is a strong candidate pool of traditional campus-based students. This means that many business leaders may not feel a need to come to terms with new methods of education because of the wide availability of candidates with “common” educational backgrounds.

This can make it particularly difficult for students to sell their online MBA to prospective employers. In many instances, it could even be wiser to prevent highlighting the online aspect of an education if it is avoidable, such as when a student opts for online modules where campus study is otherwise available. However, students should tread lightly when deciding to opt against disclosing the online aspect of their education. This is because deception could be grounds for termination after securing a lucrative position.

Some Students Say Yes to Revealing an Online MBA Award

Where criticisms exist, there are also opportunities to highlight what an online MBA did for a student during periods of online study. Employers may be hesitant about accepting online education as an acceptable equivalent, but candidates who are able to articulate their strengths as a result of online education may be in the hiring line!

Online education can do several positives for a student, but one of the leading qualities that stem as a result of studying online is time management skills. This is a necessary trait for all future business professionals to possession and it is thoroughly honed in online study. This is because there are few teachers available to dictate when assignments are due and when registration dates close, so students will quickly find themselves on top of their own schedule!

What Should I Do with my Online MBA Degree?

Students who are called for an interview should be prepared to give lengthy responses regarding the positives of online study and their achievement in doing so. As more students opt for online study for personal reasons, it will soon become an accepted norm in the professional world!


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  1. I think that no one should be ashamed of getting an education online.

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