Strategic Negotiation: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students interested in the intricacies of the negotiation process are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing electives. Negotiation is a key focus in many online MBA program electives. It is easy to see why given negotiation’s strong presence in a corporate atmosphere. Strategic negotiation is one of the many negotiation electives available to students in several online MBA programs. However, what does it teach and what can students hope to have learned upon successfully completing it?

An Overview of Strategic Negotiation in an Online MBA Program

The overall focus of the strategic negotiation elective is to give students the confidence to implement appropriate negotiation strategy. Strategy in itself is not a matter of understanding principles and theories from business leaders. Rather, it is about critical thinking and learning to apply the best possible strategy in a given situation.

Strategic negotiation itself is rooted in the implementation phase of strategy and sees organization through case studies and demonstrations of successful applications in real world circumstances. Case studies themselves stem from colleagues in business situations who have achieved success in strategic thought, so students can be sure of learning accurate models towards success when studying in a strategic negotiation program.

Other core concepts in strategic negotiation programs heavily focus on contracts. This is because students will be required to become proficient in contract development and terminology in order to successfully negotiate union terms and issues pertaining to pay and benefits. Mastering these core understandings is key to success in a strategic negotiation setting, so it is important for students to be prepare for such a prospect when enrolling into the program. Bid strategies also play a prominent role in negotiation strategy, but are of lesser importance when compared to contract and wage terms.

Is Strategic Negotiation an Easier Online MBA Component to Pass?

Negotiation in general appeals to students with outgoing social preferences. However, this is not to say that more introverted students won’t succeed in a strategic environment. Each student must find the way that works for them when in pressed negotiation settings. The strategic element to the program only aims to deliver theory, which is later applied in practical settings.

The level of difficult is regarded as easy to moderate. While it is not the most difficult of courses, it is certainly not regarded as easy since each student can present his own sense of flair in negotiation proceedings. Students should therefore be prepared to dive in and learn all they can when first starting in the program!

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