Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Online MBA Classes

Synchronous and Asynchronous classes are two means of learning in an online environment. The two different systems boast their respective advantages and disadvantages for students and professors, but what is the method most suitable for studying towards an online MBA?

Synchronous Online MBA Class

A synchronous online MBA class is one where professors and students are present online at the exact same time. This means that learning materials are delivered to the student by the professor in real time, which allows prompt feedback and question handling during "classroom" sessions. It is typical of many online components that require student and professor interaction throughout the program and attendance is mandatory if a student is enrolled in a synchronous class.

The virtual classroom provides a setting where students and professors can meet to deliver the course material. There are many evolving methods of learning by this mean, but the most commonly utilized method is through a live chat room in plain text format, which ensures compatibility with most computer systems irrespective of age. However, this slightly dated means is being replaced by more modern solutions.

Voice over IP communication is quickly becoming a method of choice for students and professors in an online environment. This requires all involved parties to have a computer compatible microphone and suitable communication application. Voice over IP communications can also be supplemented through web conferencing, which requires both a microphone and web camera. Web conferencing boasts a distinct advantage of typical voice over IP communication as Microsoft NetMeeting is a commonly used application for web conferencing and is available free of charge on many modern Windows operating systems.

Asynchronous Online MBA Class

An asynchronous option by comparison is the opposite of synchronous learning. This is because it does not require students and professors to be online at the same time. Instead, professors can simply upload required reading and coursework to a central server and students can access the professor’s words at their own convenience. However, many asynchronous classes are time sensitive and students must complete assigned tasks during a specific window in order to remain current with the goings-on of the classroom.

What is the Better Option for my Online MBA Program?

The answer is ultimately the choice of the student and what he prefers from learning. While asynchronous learning grants the student more flexibility and freedom with regards to forming answers and responses to questions, synchronous learning can give the student a more immediate response to pressing questions in order to absorb material more rapidly. Synchronous learning is also undergoing evolution to incorporate more advanced capabilities of modern computer hardware. Virtual classrooms have been brought to life through 3D chat applications such as "Second Life" and students can become more fully immersed in their learning by virtually simulating their campus experience!


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  1. Nikita says:


    How do i get prices and requirements on this?

  2. Best Online MBA says:


    Different schools have different requirements. I would suggest researching the programs, shortlisting a few that match your learning goals, and contacting those schools to find out more about their requirements. Good luck!

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