The Key to Landing a Dream Job After Your Online MBA

The recent economic turmoil has made it incredibly difficult for current college students to secure that lucrative job right out of college. This can be a strong deterrent to current and prospective students, but it is important to note that education can always be worthwhile! There are avenues that students can take to ensure that their academic foundation is put to good use, which are as follows:

Avenue #1: Internship in an Online MBA Program

An internship is an excellent way to land a dream opportunity out of college. This is because internships allow students to display their skills in a contained environment on behalf of a business, which thus forges an immediate professional contact. This avenue is hailed by Scott Fischer; a senior graduate of Civil Engineering from Kansas State University. Fisher claimed “Getting the internship at the time that I did was a great break for me. Working there this summer, I was able to show them what type of worker I am and the type of person I am. It all worked out because after I graduate I am going to be able to start working for them in January and start my life after school.”

Avenue #2: Persistence in an Online MBA Program

When all else fails, persistence can be a winning trait in an online MBA graduate. It will not always be possible to land a dream job right out of college. Even the most well-developed and honed students may find themselves struggling in the professional world after graduation. It is therefore important to be persistent

The first step is persistence after graduation is to establish contacts. These professional names and numbers will allow students to gain a strong insight into the goings-on of a company in order to tactically plan their employment opportunities. When an employee is about to be terminated or retire, this can present the most opportunistic time to apply for a job if a graduate meets the qualifications! However, without established professional contacts, these opportunities may not be known until the job is publicly advertised for all to respond.

The second step in persistence is to remain in frequent contact with prospective employers. This does not mean calling employers on a daily basis, but rather establish a routine schedule when employers should be contacted in order to receive up-to-date information pertaining to employment opportunities. This could be on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis.

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