Top Jobs for Online MBA Students

Online study is often classified as “part time” in terms of a student’s contact time with an institute. However, when students finally step into their online classrooms, they soon find that distance education is so much more than typical par time study. It is quick to eat through many available waking hours, so this presents a dilemma in securing favorable employment that covers living expenses and tuition fees. Part time employment does exist for students in an online program, but one must be prepared to lower expectations in order to gain the most worthwhile job that supports a college bound student.

Tuition Reimbursement in an Online MBA Program

Tuition reimbursement is a perk that many employers offer to reward college students that could become integral parts of their company. If agreed to, then employers will agree to pay a portion of a student’s program of study or cover the cost of it entirely! Needless to say, this can release a tremendous burden off of the student and allow him to focus more diligently on his studies rather than worrying if he’ll be able to pay the rent!

Tuition reimbursement is often difficult to come by because few employers are known to publicly offer it. There are even some employers who offer it, but don’t make it publicly known! For this reason, students should be prepared to ask prospective employers if they offer tuition reimbursement and under what conditions this perk is offered. Doing so will save headache and hassle in the long-run as candidates will understand what student benefits are available to them immediately.

Scholarships in an Online MBA Program

Work-related scholarships are also a viable option for students in part time employment. While these do not cover the same financial levels as tuition reimbursement options, they do often provide a substantial amount that greatly assists a student in an online education scenario.

Fortunately, workplace scholarships are much easier to attain as they are in greater amounts. However, the jobs themselves may not be truly befitting of students in an online MBA program. The fast food industry is a known provider of workplace scholarships and academic excellence is greatly rewarded, but students must first understand if the financial remuneration is worth accepting a part time job at a usually poorly paid business. If students are willing to make sacrifices in their outgoings, then it is possible that being awarded a scholarship through low pay employment could be a worthwhile avenue to explore.

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