Top Online MBA Programs with No GMAT Required

The Graduate Management Admission Test is often a requirement of many online MBA programs. It is a standardized test that scores potential candidates based on an adaptive scale that tailors questions based on the level of knowledge that the candidate possesses. While it is a great scoring tool that can accurately gauge a candidate’s potential success in the business world, the GMAT can also make candidates nervous. This apprehension can also underscore a candidate due to simple jitters or other nervousness on the test day. However, there are online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT at all. These programs can be very worthy of investigation as being able to skip ahead of a standardized test in favor of true to life experiences can greatly reward the student with a strong academic foundation without being discriminated against due to poor performance on a test.

Colorado State Online MBA Program

Colorado State offers students with a standard distance program that leads towards an online MBA, but boasts a GMAT waiver. This effectively makes the test optional should a student have professional experience and an exceptional GPA throughout Bachelor study. In order to qualify for a GMAT exemption, the student must be able to demonstrate at least eight years of professional experience in a managerial setting and have a GPA of at least 3.0 on at least half of their Bachelor’s components. For this reason, Colorado State’s program often appeals to working professionals who have accumulated an extensive working portfolio. However, what is the situation should a student want to be exempt from the GMAT and not have a strong work history?

Many Top Online MBA Programs Don’t Require the GMAT

The industry belief is that online study particularly appeals to those with working commitments or other personal circumstances that prevent the student from physically attending camps study. This has lead to an abandonment of standardized testing as professional experience can greatly outweigh traditional academic measures. A student’s prior successes can be a great way to foresee what he has in store in the future, so can eliminate the requirement of a standardized test in order to gain admission. This thought has unfortunately not become a part of the academic majority as of yet, but many schools are finding themselves quick to adopt the belief that professional experience is more critical than standardization. A few academic institutions that don’t require the GMAT for their online MBA include:

  • Baker College Online
  • Excelsior College
  • Upper Iowa University

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