Two Ways to Balance an Online MBA Program and Family

Family commitments and educational goals can often be a ticking time bomb that is waiting to explode. If a harmonious balance is not struck in the early goings, then it could quite possibly lead to family resentment and strained relationships throughout the program of study. The two factors are both things that require intimate and lengthier attention spans, but how can a student find a way to balance the two seemingly never ending aspects of life into one healthy unit?

Establish House Rules for an Online MBA Program

It goes without saying that studying often requires peace and quiet. However, family commitments and children can often interfere with this unsung declaration. It is therefore important for students to set specific times when they will be available for the family and when they will require isolation for study.

These specific times should be formatted into a schedule that is placed in a central area for all family members to read. This could be on a kitchen stove, in the main living room, or some other communal area that is used. This schedule should also be handy in the area where a student chooses to study; just in case a family member doesn’t want to play by the rules and quick reference is needed on demand.

Other house rules can also be implemented into the program of study. For example, students can hang “do not disturb” door hangers as a signal to not enter the room and make as little noise as possible when passing the closed door. However, it is also important to familiarize younger children with the message behind the do not disturb door hanger. “Do not disturb” doesn’t mean that younger children can’t come to the student with a household emergency, such as a fire or broken glass, but it does mean that they shouldn’t come to the student in order to see if they can go to the park.

Involve Family in an Online MBA Program

If something particularly interesting happens as a result of studying, then it shouldn’t be kept locked away as a secret! Students should feel open to sharing their accomplishments and material with family members as a method to involve them in their study time. This can also be an effective studying technique too. This is because repetition encourages material retention and it also forces students to ensure that what they present to their families is accurate.

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