US Team Finally Wins Google Competition

October 24, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Google’s international online marketing contest this year encountered a first – the first time the team that won was from the USA. The team was composed of four MBA students at University of Houston and worked with the Houston Symphony in their contest project. They came out on top over about 4400 teams from almost 70 countries.

What Did They Do?

They used Google AdWords to drive sales up for the Houston Symphony over a period of 3 weeks and with a budget of 200 dollars. Google AdWords are basically the sponsored links that pop up whenever you search for a particular term on Google. For example, say you look for a particular word on google. On the right side or top of the results there is usually highlighted “sponsor ads”. Businesses buy those ads – or “AdWords” – and pay every time a person clicks on it.

What the Houston team did was use the AdWords in a strategic way. They found when the best times were and where the best zip-codes were and showed them at those times and in those places, and managed to make 10 sales off of them. This was far above what they had hoped, which was only 3 sales. They also managed to increase the number of times the ads were shown from only 91 times per week to over 10,000 – pretty impressive.

What Was the Hardest Part?

The team actually found the hardest part of the competition was actually finding a proper client, as most companies with strong online presences already use AdWords. Finding the Houston Symphony was sheer luck, as they called them just as Houston Symphony was considering it. It took them two months to find their productive partnership.

To read an interview with the team, visit here.

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