WGU Indiana’s MBA is First Pick for Former Colt, Ken Dilger

October 20, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Western Governors University (WGU) Indiana is a online, competency-based university established by the state of Indiana. It was established as an effort to provide higher education for Indiana residents and increase the percentage of the population with college and graduate degrees. The school is now attempting to reach out to more people through a partnership with Ken Dilger, former Colt football player and the team itself.

Dilger’s Backing Will Help Reach Others

Ken Dilger and the Indiana Colts will endorse the school and raise awareness about the school’s MBA programs. Dilger will appear in WGU Indiana marketing materials and advertisements and post to the university’s social media platforms. WGU Indiana Chancellor (a.k.a. President) Allison Barber states, in regards to the partnership, “we’re all so pleased to have Ken as one of our MBA students, as well as a master’s degree spokesperson… He is an ideal ambassador for us as he represents the type of students for which WGU Indiana was created – full-time, working professionals who want to go further in their education. Linking WGU Indiana with the Indianapolis Colts… will allow us to reach even more students who want to complete their undergraduate degree, as well as college graduates who want to go further and earn a master’s degree.”

Dilger is happy to teach others like himself about their options. He states, “as a business owner, parent and coach, I knew going back to school for my MBA could be a challenge. I needed a flexible, accredited option, so I chose WGU Indiana.” One of his favorite aspects of the school is their one-on-one mentorship program. In the program each student has a mentor to help them throughout their studies and the program. “I am excited to have a mentor fully committed to my success,” he states, “it’s a lot like having a position coach in the NFL. I think that support system is really important.”

WGU Indiana, the Colts and Dilger are excited about the new endeavor. They hope to reach many others who are looking for an MBA, and a realistic option for higher education.

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