What Are ACBSP Accredited Online MBA Programs and Schools?

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a modern academic accreditation service. Their accreditation services primarily govern institutions in the United States and have a specific emphasis on both the teaching and learning experiences. The council was founded in 1988, so remains relatively newer in terms of educational standards, but has already amassed a database of over 828 member institutions as of August 2010. The strict vetting requirements of ACBSP accreditation means students can rest assured that their education is indeed one worth pursing, but is the online experience equivalent to campus study?

Online MBA Programs and ACBSP Accreditation

Both the online study experience and a degree’s potential worth to the student are equivalent to traditional campus study. This means that students can rest assured that their online education is worthy of pursuing! It is also worthwhile for prospective students to ensure that their program is accredited. An online program is accredited by the ACBSP if it is offered by a member institution, so students would be wise to create a list of prospective schools and compare it to the database made available by the ABCSP. Schools that do not fall into the ACBSP database should be removed if a student is concerned with future employment opportunities and receiving a high quality education.

Does It Matter if I Complete an Online MBA or Classroom MBA Program if it is ACBSP Accredited?

The method of study is irrelevant to accreditation status. This means that students have the freedom to choose if they wish to partake in online or classroom study and still have accreditation protection offered by the ABCSP.

How Do I Know if the Online MBA Program is ACBSP Accredited?

Most institutions proudly display their ACBSP accreditation status for the public to see. However, this may also lead to fraudulent accreditation claims by low quality educational institutions. Students must therefore verify an institution’s accreditation status by accessing the ABCSP website, which is located at acbsp.org.

From here, students may click on the “about” section located on the menu headings and access the member institution directory by clicking the respective link. This will display all currently accredited institutions and potential candidates for accreditation in a table format. Viewing this will allow the student to make an appropriately guided decision towards earning a degree from a respectable school. Doing this will also ensure a broad availability of employment opportunities upon graduation.

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