What are Online MBA Classes Like?

Students who have not had online experiences in the past often wonder what their courses will be like. The prospect of venturing into online study can be a daunting one, but it needn’t be! Concerns surrounding the difficulty of online study are often unfounded and students often report that online study can be just as easy and just as challenging as traditional campus study. So, what are online MBA classes like?

Unguided Study in an Online MBA

One of the most critical differences in online study is that students are often unguided in terms of what a professor expects out of them. Depending on the technology used, students may find that their professors simply post required reading and homework assignments on a public forum or other means of communication and expect students to reply with their work. There is little in terms of guidance in online study. Students are usually expected to acquire all of their own course materials and study by their own means without a professor looming over them. This means students will be involved in late night cram sessions through their own will and not because a professor required it!

Computer use in an Online MBA

Contrary to popular belief, the level of computer use in an online course is often equal to or less than traditional campus study! This is because the computer is primarily a communication tool between professors and students. Very little coursework is facilitated using unique software or applications and students will find themselves reading books and other paper-based material for the majority of their program; similar to traditional campus students. However, that is not to say that students can allow their computers to fall into a state of disrepair. Unusable Internet connections or computer hardware can create a situation whereby students can lose critical marks due to late project submissions.

Communication in an Online MBA

One of the largest stumbling blocks for many students is the lack of a social atmosphere in online study. Students do not have the physical presence of one another in an online environment, so may feel isolated when it comes to grasping material or finding others to study with. This means that students must find their own means of conversing with one another throughout study. However, the modern evolution of social networking websites has made this process very easy and students can simply establish their own communication networks with one another over the Internet.

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