What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Students who are new to the world of online learning often wonder how their courses will be facilitated. While online learning is primarily conducted over the Internet, some institutions may require students to download and install software to receive critical course updates and transfer coursework to professors. This piece of software is known as the Learning Management System, which is commonly abbreviated LMS.

What can the LMS do for my Online MBA Program?

The Learning Management System is a robust application that is capable of administering an online course. It is a fully immersed environment where students can communicate and collaborate with professors and other classmates. The LMS can easily allow students to keep track of their assignments and quickly transfer files to their professors for grading or feedback. It is said that a well-developed Learning Management System is comparable to a modern instant messaging client and students frequently find that the application is intuitive in its operation and easy to grasp. However, it is also subject to some criticism.

Why is the LMS Criticized in Online MBA Programs

Students often feel that the Learning Management System is unnecessary for study. This is because it requires independent setup and maintenance over what a student might already be accustomed to, which might include standalone e-mail clients and file transfer programs. As the system offers an all-in-one solution, students often require a slight learning curve to become familiarized with all of what the LMS can do. However, in most instances, this learning curve is short and becoming familiar with the LMS can be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Should I Enroll in a LMS Supported Online MBA Program

The use of a Learning Management System is down to the preferences of the student himself. The application offers few advantages over other means of online learning, so should not be looked upon as a great innovation in online learning. However, it is known to ease the administrative hassle of operating several different applications to suit different purposes when the process can be combined into one solution. This in itself has its respective pros and cons. Students who are unresponsive to change may find themselves struggling to adapt to using the LMS. This might be due to several reasons, but the main reason most often cited is being too adjusted to using their preferred standalone applications. The decision is ultimately up to the student in what he would prefer out of his program!

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