What is a Self-paced Online MBA Program?

Students who are considering making the return to the classroom often wonder if online study is a more viable method. However, many programs that are conducted through online study aren’t that much different in terms of classroom expectations. Many online students are still expected to submit coursework and assignments by specified due dates and sit final exams. For some students, this isn’t a feasible academic solution or even a remote possibility!

Self-paced study allows the student to break away from the typical structured routine and acquire material at his own speed. While this can pose its own distinctive advantages and disadvantages, what exactly is a self-paced program of study?

What Exactly is Self-paced Study in an Online MBA Program?

Self-paced study presents course material without specified time limits. This means that students won’t be subject to common deadline requirements that are imposed on other online MBA students. Professors will often simply upload assignments and required reading at the beginning of the course, then expect students to submit any required assignments or objectives as they are completed. There is usually no structure in an online MBA program, which means students can take as long as they need in order to complete the required material. Exam scheduling also revolves around what the student has completed in terms of coursework. Assignments normally serve as prerequisites in self-paced study, so students usually must complete them to a satisfactory level in order to be considered an exam candidate.

Is Self-paced Study Right for my Online MBA Program?

It is important for students to note that self-paced study does not typically reward an academic qualification in a quick period of time. As many students tend to idle in their self-paced programs, the time it takes to acquire a degree can easily exceed a typical two year program. Self-paced study should not be seen as a viable study option for students in a rush, which could be more adequately satisfied by an accelerated online MBA program or similar study structure. However, students who find themselves in need of a little extra time to complete their academic work might be suitable candidates for self-paced study.

It is also important to note that self-paced study usually carries a distinction of being self-paced. This means students will typically see "self-paced study" remarks on their degree or transcripts. While the value of a self-paced online MBA is no less than that of a traditional online MBA, students might have employers pose questions regarding why they selected self-paced study and what the experience rewarded them with in terms of academic performance.

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