What is a Typical Online MBA Class Schedule?

The varied nature of an online MBA means that there is little to no standard of normalcy in a student’s class schedule. The course load and work required of the student greatly depends on what program he is enrolled in and what the institution expects out of their students. This means that normal two year students will not find themselves with the same workload as a student in an accelerated program. It also means that students involved with independent study will not have the same workload as students under intensive guidance. However, just what constitutes a typical schedule for the greater majority?

The Traditional Two Year Online MBA Program

Traditional two year programs observe the same workload and rest periods as campus based students. This means that students will have the benefits of more extended holidays, mid term breaks, and an average workload that most students are able to cope with under normal circumstances. Programs typically begin in the fall semester and end two years later in the summer. This is the program that most students are familiar with, but some may require customization in their schedule that can only be granted through a different means of acquiring an online MBA.

The Accelerated Online MBA Program

Students who aren’t financially able to commit to a two year program or do not have the permission of their employers to take an extended leave of absence often opt for an accelerated program. This means that students will be able to acquire an online MBA in as little as 12 months, but it also means that convenient breaks are waived in favor of complete immersion within the course material. Students will not have the benefit of holiday times and a typical summer break that lasts months will be shortened to weeks. Accelerated study is a common choice for many students, but students should enter it prepared as there is little "catch up" time offered. Brushing up on undergraduate learning is a great way to be prepared!

The EMBA Online MBA Program

The EMBA is another option that is catered to professionals employed in a managerial or executive position. It can be delivered through either accelerated or traditional means, but is solely available to employed professionals with significant experience in their trade. It is not a common course for many as candidates often possess at least eight years of professional experience. However, it does reward students with an online MBA degree with a reduced impact on their professional lives outside of school. Coursework and class learning is often minimalistic as professional experience supplements what the student gains in online learning.

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