What is an Online MBA Degree?

Traditional classroom study is often difficult for many modern day students. Their commitments to longer working hours and social events have limited the ability to be present in a classroom, so a lot of modern day students have turned to online study towards their Master of Business Administration as a way to acquire the degree in times and places that are most suitable for their personal schedule.

Is Studying Towards an Online MBA Different?

Studying towards the Master of Business Administration in an online environment is no different than what one might experience in a typical classroom setting. Professors will often assign coursework and assignments by e-mail and expect to receive them by specified deadlines. It is also not uncommon for Professors to be available to deal with student queries by e-mail should the need for assistance arise. However, online study does limit the social advantages of classroom study that a typical student might have become accustomed to throughout high school and undergraduate study.

It should be noted that online study is usually not fully online. Some contact time may be required by accredited institutions and it is likely that students will have to physically write credit examinations in-person at a designated testing center or the University itself. However, this aspect of online study varies according to each institution and prospective students should contact their respective University’s Head of Business or Dean for further guidance.

What Do I Need to Study Towards an Online MBA?

Online study requires a functional computer and an active Internet connection. The most recent, up-to-date system may not be required in most cases depending on the material provided in an online environment. Some video or other rich multimedia content may require the use of a recent system and high speed Internet connection. If a student is in doubt, then it is often wise to purchase a new system and subscribe to a high speed Internet service prior to the beginning of the degree to ensure full compatibility with the course material as provided by the University.

A full office productivity software suite is also recommended by many Universities for the completion of a Master of Business Administration degree and some Universities have partner deals with software outlets to provide discounts for those who wish to purchase the Microsoft Office productivity suite. When no purchase is to be made, then OpenOffice is usually recommended as a free-to-use productivity suite that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

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