What is the Top Online MBA Program of 2010?

Coming across the top online MBA program of 2010 can be done by sourcing information from ranking systems. Several lists have been compiled by various sources and are presented according to different specifications. Some ranking systems, such as the one offered by GetEducated.com, offers results based on the cost-effectiveness of an online MBA program. Other systems, such as the one offered by The Economist, offer results that are tailored towards international institutions.

Finding what is being declared as the best online MBA program of 2010 depends greatly on what the student is looking for in a program. This might be a reduction in tuition costs or even studying through an institution abroad. However, the University of Phoenix stands out as one of the most well-received programs based on several different specifications, but is it the best of 2010?

Is the University of Phoenix’s Online MBA Program Truly the Best?

Many of us are familiar with the University of Phoenix’s overwhelming advertising campaign. The name has become so deeply embedded as a means to online education that it has become the subject of ridicule and satire. Several American-based television shows are quick to mention it in a demeaning manner, so why is it that so many ranking systems declare it as being the top online MBA program of 2010?

The answer can possibly be found through private bidding. Creators of online ranking systems may be open to accepting advertising bids to suggest the University of Phoenix is the best institution for an online MBA program. This can elevate the institution above more prominent regionally accredited programs and can skew the reader into seeing the institution in a more positive light. However, it is unfortunate that the academic standards of the University of Phoenix are not looked favorably upon by many employers. This can result in the student having gained a worthless qualification in the professional world.

Should Online MBA Ranking Systems be Trusted?

Online ranking systems that are subject to private bidding can be found by analyzing the presented results. Systems that favor for-profit technical training colleges over standard regionally accredited programs may have been subject to accepting private advertising bids. This means that results presented in an online ranking system should always be taken with a grain of salt. While they can be a great source to begin finding an academic institution, a student’s decision should not firmly be based on what he has read in a ranking system. The best way to find the top program of 2010 is through word of mouth references and more thorough independent research in the national press. Every student’s answer on what the top program is will be different because of this!

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