What Technology Do I Need to Get the Most Out of Free Online MBA Classes?

Free online MBA classes are true diamonds in the rough. They can be difficult to come across, but can lead to a greater insight regarding if online study is right for a particular student. They allow students to “test drive” online study options in order to determine their dedication, commitment, and drive to complete assignments. These are all excellent qualities to have, but how else can students get the most out of online MBA classes?

Equipment for Free Online MBA Classes

Like many online MBA programs themselves, many free to use online MBA classes do not require the latest in computer hardware or technology. This is great news for students who have older systems. However, it is important to note that some free online MBA classes depend greatly on accessing multimedia. Streaming video can put a considerable strain on older hardware, which results in frame stuttering or other forms of “lag”. If a student experiences usage issues, then hardware upgrades may be in order to take full advantage of what a free online MBA class has to offer.

The first port of call for many computer upgrades is the RAM. Memory can be regarded as a “holding cell” for running applications and it allows simultaneous operation for many programs loaded at once. Streaming video can put a considerable load on the web browser, which in turn puts a considerable load on the RAM. It would therefore be wise to install new RAM modules in order to take advantage of newer multimedia.

The processor or CPU can also become burdened by multimedia. The CPU load on most systems can dramatically increase when demand is placed on it, such as through streaming videos. This means that a CPU upgrade could also be beneficial. This is slightly more difficult than RAM upgrades as users must first determine what socket type their CPU is, then match a processor according to the socket type. This can be done by comparing the current CPU to a product technical sheet to determine the socket type, but if this is unknown, then it may be wise to allow a technician to do the upgrade.

Video card upgrades or installments can also be beneficial to users. For very old systems, a low end PCI graphics card can enhance the viewing experience by providing streaming videos with dedicated RAM that is specifically for video use. This can reduce the load on the RAM and CPU.

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