Where to Find Free Online MBA Classes

Free online MBA classes are difficult to come across. However, when students are new to the world of online learning, then they may wish to complete a few “taster” courses in order to determine if online or distance study options are right for them. This could be more adequately satisfied by completing non-credit courses offered by individuals or colleges outside of a student’s elected school for registration. This can give students a better insight into what is expected out of them in terms of online study, but what options exist for prospective online MBA students?

Business Spanish for an Online MBA Program

Business Spanish aims to teach students conversational Spanish alongside simplified writing and grammar skills. It is offered free of charge and allows students to participate in two concise lessons each weekday. This can be a great insight into the world of online learning as it is delivered in an intuitive HTML interface, which is common to the Blackboard technology that is used in many online MBA programs.

Business Spanish primarily caters to speakers of the English language, which could make it difficult for natives of other languages to grasp the lesson plans and delivery. However, this is not the only free to use business course online, so students who aren’t native speakers of English shouldn’t despair!

My Own Business for an Online MBA Program

My Own Business is a free to use business course with some paid-for premium features. It offers students 50 video clips and templates that build and design business plans. It also helps students avoid pitfall mistakes when starting a business to ensure that they will remain financially viable. It is required that students register for the program in order to gain access to it, which also provides students with a free newsletter with various tips for starting a business.

United States Small Business Administration for an Online MBA Program

The United States Small Business Administration program provides students with free techniques to develop business plans and e-mail marketing campaigns. Both are critical aspects to a business’ success in today’s modern climate, so courses are usually found to be very useful. It is one of the very few courses that is backed by the US government, so users and students alike can be sure of the validity of the information and be confident that their skills will be useful in modern American business settings.

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