Where to Find Nationally Accredited Online MBA Programs

National accreditation is an educational distinction awarded to programs based in the United States. They differ from regional accreditation in that nationally accredited programs are most geared towards for-profit institutions, which include vocational schools and technical colleges. They also differ in that nationally accredited programs do not offer credits that are routinely transferable into regionally accredited programs. This means that students are limited in terms of their academic opportunities. However, where does a prospective student find nationally accredited online MBA programs?

Finding Nationally Accredited Online MBA Programs

Nationally accredited online study programs are not hard to find. In fact, it could be said that they are even easier to find over more traditional regionally accredited programs! This is because that nationally accredited programs are offered in for-profit institutions. This means that many institutions offering national accreditation in their curriculum may budget for advertising expenses. Advertising a program of study may be through mass media options, so students interested in national accreditation for their studies will not be at a loss for finding viable options. Many of these programs are also delivered through local institutions, so advertising efforts can be strictly tailored to meet the needs of certain communities, but does this ease of course availability necessarily mean that it is better?

Is Regional Accreditation Better than a National Accreditation?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. Regional accreditation offers a student standardized components and programs that are consistently monitored to ensure a high quality learning experience. Components that are standardized also benefit students when it is time to enter the world working world upon graduation. This is because the student’s education has been kept up to date with standard practices and methodology, which is especially important in the business world. While nationally accredited programs are easier to come across, they do not offer the same quality control measures as regionally accredited programs and thus may not be as appealing to employers when compared to a regionally accredited degree. This can be a snare that traps unsuspecting students when they are accepted into a program, but that is not to say that all nationally accredited programs are of poor quality. National accreditation benefits from being on a more local scale, so employers can directly converse with institutions in order to suggest their preferred course material. This can allow institutions to directly tailor a program of study that leads towards employment within certain businesses and companies.

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