Why Employers Like Online MBA Programs

More and more employers are encouraging their employees to pursue further business education through online MBA programs. Employers like online MBA’s because this format allows the company to retain employees and provides an avenue for the employees to broaden their business skills.

Online education programs are becoming increasingly popular among employers. Many companies are likely to give support to their employees who are interested in pursuing a degree or further education through online education programs. Some companies even give scholarships or grants specially dedicated for their employees who enroll into online education programs.

Traditionally, if an employee wants to pursue further studies, he needs to either quit his job or take a long unpaid leave in order to go back to school and earn a degree. If this is the case, the employer will then need to hire a new staff to replace the leaving employee, or he needs to find a temporary replacement if the employee is taking a long unpaid leave. It’s inconvenient for the employers if many of their employees want to quit their job and go back to school to earn a degree for career advancement. Employers definitely do not want to let their experienced staff leave and keep hiring new staff and re-train for the vacant positions.

Online education programs have provided a perfect solution to employers. Employees who like to further their study are encouraged to pursue their degree online. Employees who are taking online degree programs will be able to continue their job and their current lifestyle while earning an MBA degree. Flexible, self-pace and study from anywhere and anytime are the key advantages that will benefits both the working individuals and employers. For jobs that need a lot of traveling, online education programs fit perfectly. They allow the online student to attend classes from home or while traveling.

Now, employers can encourage their employees to earn a job related degree to gain more knowledge on their working field and be prepared for more challenging tasks. IBM, one of bigger corporate players is continuously encourage their employees especially managers and senior management team to pursue their MBA through distance learning programs. IBM commented that they need a wide range of qualified managers at all levels and that an online education approach is the only one that is feasible in terms of cost, time and numbers.

Many companies do allocate scholarships and grants for their employees who are interested to further their study. Among these scholarships, some are dedicated specially for online students. Budget allocations for employees who are studying online are increasing, showing more employers are encouraging online education to their employees.

That said, with the increase in popularity of online MBA programs, more and more fake or non-accredited online MBA programs are getting introduced into the market. Business Week recently reported that some employers are tougher when it comes to evaluating the credentials of online MBA graduates. That’s why it’s important to do a thorough research to make sure you’re choosing one of the top ranked online MBA programs.

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