Would You Be an Ideal Online MBA Candidate?

November 11, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Online MBA candidates study in courses structured very different from traditional ones. They usually need to grapple with the difficulties of distance learning on top of career and professional demands; and with less face-to-face help from an adviser. This is not to say that they have to handle more more problems than a traditional MBA candidate, but that many of the problems they have are different in nature. This ultimately means that the perfect candidate for a traditional MBA program may not do as well with online schooling.

Here are a few aspects of the ideal online MBA candidate that you might want to consider, especially if you are unsure whether or not an online program is right for you.

An Ideal Online MBA Candidate…

    1. Is self-disciplined. If you are someone who always need an encouraging hand or a motivating presence around than you may not do well in an online program. As most programs generally require the student to plan and complete their work by themselves than you must be able to organize yourself and have enough discipline to set your own goals and complete them.
    2. Is self-motivated. The ability to motivate oneself goes along with the ability to discipline yourself. You must be able to get yourself excited and engaged with the material on your own, as the professor can only do so much to motivate you if they are in a different state or time-zone. It is also easy, when at home, to become lazy and distracted. If you find yourself having a lot of difficulty to concentrate at home or on the Internet than online schooling may not be your best option, especially an intensive online MBA degree program.
    3. Has strong written communication skills. Most of your communication with your professor and classmates will be through email, forums and instant messaging. If you always had difficulty with expressing yourself in text than an online program is likely going to cause more stress than it is worth. Instead of an online degree, find a program where you can have more face-to-face interaction and communication.
    4. Has a go-getter attitude and is not afraid to speak up. If a teacher in a physical classroom is pushing you to ask questions or speak up it is fairly easy to raise your hand in answer their inquiry. However, when online, you must be able take the initiative yourself and make yourself heard when you have a question about the material. It is far easier to fall into the background, and let your classwork do the same, when you are the one who has to seek out the professor.
    5. Is comfortable with technology. If you are not comfortable with technology than you will find yourself in trouble when all your assignments, lectures, and discussion are online. If you are comfortable with technology and not afraid to tinker around with it a tad, than an online degree will probably be a happy experience for you.

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